• Analyze customer translation requirements
  • Advise customers on the appropriate translation strategy
  • Set up a translation project accordingly
  • Configure the translation environment


  • SAP customers
  • Field consultants
  • SAP partners
  • Everyone involved in providing translation consultancy services to customers and partners



Course based on software release

  • SAP S/4HANA 1511
  • AS ABAP 7.50


  • Introduction to translation (especially targeted at system administrators and project managers)
  • Basic concepts involved in translating in an SAP system
  • Configuring the translation environment
  • Managing translation users
  • Creating object lists and worklist evaluations
  • Project planning and organization (scheduling, pricing, staffing, coordination and quality assurance)
  • Brief overview of how translators translate
  • Alternatives to translation in the SAP system (exporting texts for translation outside the SAP system)
  • Deploying translation (transporting translations, post-processing and proposal pool transports)


  • Extensive training in the actual translation of SAP development objects
  • Localization and international development
  • Unicode conversions