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This curriculum targets administrators, consultants, and project team members in the area of user administration and system security. As a foundation, not only for SAP system administrators, SAPTEC is the entry point of our learning path. Using the slogan “keep the system running”, ADM100 comprises the most frequent tasks of an SAP system administrator. For example, starting and stopping, system configuration, printer administration, background scheduling, system maintenance. 

ADM940 targets administrators and project team members responisble for user and authorization administration in AS ABAP-based SAP systems, like for example SAP ECC. 

ADM950 mainly targets security auditors of AS ABAP-based SAP systems. 

ADM960 is a comprehensive offering on technical system security that mainly addresses SAP system administrators and technical consultants for AS ABAP or AS Java-based systems. You will not only learn how to configure security relevant system settings, but also get the knowledge on the concepts behind it. Topics are for example, SSL and SNC encryption, securing RFC communication, X.509 certificates, and single sign-on.


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SAP System Administration - User and Security

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