Achieve Compliance and Control while Cutting Costs and Risks

Each day you come to work trying to figure out how you’re going to control costs and risks while saddled with an outdated purchasing system. Your time is consumed juggling processes on multiple ERPs, struggling to connect with suppliers, and wrangling with users who want to do things their own way. Now, just imagine what you could accomplish with procurement software solutions that deliver, all in one place…

  • the broadest set of capabilities on the market
  • a user-friendly, intuitive shopping experience

  • integration with the world- largest supplier network – nearly 2 million strong and growing

  • the most pre-enabled suppliers, plus easy supplier and catalog enablement

  • automated tools and approval flows with global reach

  • easily configurable dashboards and reports

If you imaginedglobal compliance,control, andvisibility, you re spot on. And Ariba – procurement software solutions deliver even more. Like all goods and services spend under management. Negotiated savings that hit your bottom line. Buying cycles shortened by 50 percent to 70 percent. Ten percent supply savings. And 25 percent to 60 percent lower processing costs.



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