Build the Right Strategic Sourcing Environment to Cut Your Costs and Minimize Your Risks

You want best-value sourcing agreements, the kind that provide sustainable savings. That takes the rightstrategic sourcingenvironment, one that’s connected to a powerful supplier network and built with superior tools, expertise, and information. Only then can you stimulate enough competition among qualified sellers to cut costs while minimizing risks.

Build that environment withAriba sourcing solutions, and deliver the best sourcing events ever. With tight integration to the Ariba Network, it provides…

  • connections to nearly 2 million companies

  • quick and easy supplier discovery

  • up-to-date supplier information

  • intuitive RFX tools for RFI, RFP, and auctions

  • patented competitive-bidding and timing options

  • automated and adjustable negotiation processes

  • access to Ariba- sourcing partners, experts in category intelligence

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