• Participants will gain the knowledge to participate in implemeting, adminstering, and managing data integration projects
  • The knowledge you will acquire will form the basis for more advanced training in Data Quality Services


  • Project team members with basic knowledge of Data Warehousing and data integration concepts
  • Data Warehousing consultants and project managers who work with data integration



  • Basic knowledge of data warehousing and ETL (Extraction, Transfer and Loading) concepts


  • Basic knowledge of SQL language
  • Basic knowledge of elementary procedural programming

Course based on software release

  • SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 4.0


  • Describing Data Services
  • Examing data acquisition and process chains
  • Creating batch jobs for data integration
  • Troubleshooting batch jobs
  • Using functions, scripts and variables
  • Using Platform Transforms
  • Setting up error handling
  • Capturing change in data
  • Using the data integrator platform transforms