• This course will prepare you to:
    • Consult on an implementation Project of DFPS in S/4 HANA that includes: Force Element, Personnel, and Cost Accounting
    • Understand supported business processes, such as Force Generation
    • Understand the data model and guide customers when making basic decisions concerning the modeling of their personnel, financial and logistics organizations
    • Explain the impacts of EA-DFPS functionalities on the enterprise structure
    • Use the customizing of the “Structures Workbench “
    • Explain the difference between a DFPS and a cross-industry standard implementation


  • Consultants /Project Team Members who are involved within SAP projects for Defense Forces, Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief Organizations and others who need to get a broad overview of the new solution



  • Basic ERP understanding
  • TERP10


  • None

Course based on software release



  • Overview of the functionalities in EA-DFPS
  • Definition and Customizing of the Force Element
  • Command and support relationships – modelling of the Force Structure
  • Personnel Categories of the Force Elements
  • The Structures Workbench – Design and Functionality
  • Organizational measures
  • Activation framework and procedures Customizing of the Defense Solution e.g. with the “Structures Workbench”
  • Integration to FI, CO, PS
  • Create a new transaction
  • Check in of new tabs
  • Mission Cost Reporting