• This 5 day-day course is designed to teach participants how to build native app designs with Fiori for iOS and develops apps using Swift and the existing SAP Cloud Platform SDK components for iOS. It will explain how iOS capabilities and device services can be accessed, how to build offline apps and how to consume backend-data using OData services.


  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant
  • Enterprise Architect
  • System Architect
  • Technology Consultant



  • Knowledge about iOS,
  • Knowledge about Xcode
  • Knowledge about Swift
  • FFA100, Introduction to Swift
  • FFA200, Introduction to iOS SDK


  • CP100, SAP Cloud Platform

Course based on software release

  • SAP Cloud Platform, NetWeaver, macOS


  • Introduction
    • Learn about the SAP and Apple Partnership
    • Explore SAP Fiori for iOS Design
    • Understand Design-Led Development Process
  • End 2 End Process
    • Use the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS
    • Understand SAP Cloud Platform
    • Understand SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services
    • Understand OData
  • Developing Apps with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS
    • Enable and configure SAP Cloud Platform mobile services
    • Create a first mobile project with SAP SDK for iOS
    • Use the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS Assistant
    • Use the SAP Cloud Platform SDK Foundation Components
    • Perform Reporting and Monitoring using SAP Cloud Platform mobile services
    • Configure and implement offline scenarios
    • Implement Push Notifications
  • Building a Shop App
    • Get a Design Overview
    • Implement Tutorial 1
    • Implement Tutorial 2
    • Implement Tutorial 3
    • Implement Tutorial 4
    • Implement Tutorial 5
    • Implement Tutorial 6