• Outline the intention and reasons for archiving
  • Name and explain the archiving tools that can be used
  • Name the archiving objects in banking services from SAP 7.0
  • Explain the archiving process and the necessary Customizing for archiving
  • Perform the necessary Customizing activities
  • Explain the possibilities to access and manage archived data


  • Banking Consultants
  • Project Team Members



  • FS200 Overview of SAP for Banking
  • (or Relevant Fundamental Banking Knowledge)
  • SAP129SAP Navigation


  • FS240Banking Services from SAP – Basics and Generics in Transaction Banking
  • SAP01SAP Overview

Course based on software release

  • NetWeaver 7.11
  • Banking Services from SAP, release 7.0


  • Fundamentals of archiving, terminology and tools
  • Archiving Objects
  • The Archiving Process: Preprocessing, write, delete, storage
  • System Configuration for Archiving
  • Working with Archived Data
  • Archive Information System