• Describe the Bank Analyzer Data Management and its Infrastructure
  • Be able to implement, change and enhance the Bank Analyzer, write concepts and create the customizing
  • Be able to choose the best of the available options from the range of available options


  • Application Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • System Architects
  • Developers
  • Business Process Owner/Team Lead/Power User



  • FS251Accounting for Banks or
  • FS252Risk Management


  • Basic knowledge of data warehousing
  • BW305BW Query Design and Analysis
  • BW330BW Modeling and Implementation
  • BIT100SAP NetWeaver Integration Technology

Course based on software release

  • Banking Analyzer 8.0 (BW Integrated)
  • Banking Services 8.0
  • PI


  • Bank Analyzer Elements
    • Using the Bank Analyzer Infrastructure and Data Management
    • Using BW characteristics in Bank Analyzer
    • Using BW key figures in Bank Analyzer
    • Using the BW storage of organizational hierarchies and accounts
  • SDL Data Modeling & Data Storage
    • Using SDL functions and SDL Primary Objects
    • Changing SDL templates and SDL classes customizing
    • Using Segmentation service customizing
  • Data transfer and Interfaces: Inbound
    • Connecting the Bank Analyzer to source systems
    • Extracting data from source systems
    • Transforming data for Bank Analyzer use
    • Loading data into Bank Analyzer
    • Loading data into the Source Data Layer via DLL
  • General Calculation and Valuation Methods
    • Generating Cash Flows
    • Changing the cash flow generation customizing
    • Using the Present Value Calculation and Fair Value Production Process
  • Results Data Layer
    • Using the RDL Data storage functions
    • Using RDL data aggregation and retrieval
  • Data Retrieval and Extraction
    • Retrieving and extracting data from Bank Analyzer
    • Using primary & secondary data sources for data retrieval
    • Maintaining the data connection between SDL and Analyzer
    • Extracting data from Bank Analyzer
  • Tools and functions
    • Using the Calculation and Valuation Process Manager (CVPM)
    • Using the Reconciliation Hub
    • Using the Application Event Management
    • Supporting the Integration of SAP Operational and Analytics scenario