Course announcements

  • This course provides foundation knowledge for SAP Risk Management, as well as important concepts and functional capabilities that you will need to know in order to set up master data and hierarchies, use key risk indicators, and identify, analyse, and respond to risk with some additional features like Ad Hoc Risk escalation, Hana based KRIs etc.


  • Explain how SAP Risk Management supports the risk management process.
  • Demonstrate the functionalities and usage of the different components within SAP Risk Management
  • Configure and use Key Risk Indicators (KRI) (Including HANA Based)
  • Perform scenario and Monte Carlo analysis
  • Perform inherent and residual risk analysis
  • Explain the integration with SAP Process Control
  • Show how to implement SAP Risk Management following the best practices from SAP
  • Explain advance features of SAP Risk Management Risk Based Control Self-Assessment (RCSA), Ad-hoc Risk escalation etc.


  • Customer Risk Managers
  • Functional Consultants
  • Implementation Consultants
  • Key Technical Business Users involved in a Risk Management project
  • IT Governance Experts
  • Consultants for SAP Security and GRC IT Auditors
  • Business Project Team Leaders



  • GRC100
  • Knowledge of integrated processes in an SAP System
  • Knowledge of authorization concepts in an SAP System
  • Practical knowledge of common business processes
  • Practical knowledge of the Risk Management process


Course based on software release

  • SAP BusinessObjects Risk Management 10.1 SP04
  • SAP BusinessObjects Process Control 10.1 SP04
  • SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) 6.07 SP03
  • SAP NetWeaver 7.40 SP05


  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Risk Planning
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Response
  • Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) (Including HANA Based)
  • Risk Monitoring
  • My Home
  • Roles and Authorizations
  • Enhanced Features like RCSA, Corporate Risk Management, Ad-hoc Risk Escalation, Risk Grouping etc.