• Customize Manager Self-Service for Human Capital Management to meet your business requirements
  • Adapt standard business packages to meet your requirements


  • Application Consultant
  • Data Consultant
  • Development Consultant
  • Industry / Business Analyst Consultant
  • Support Consultant
  • Technology Consultant



  • HR050Business Processes in Human Capital Management
  • HR305Master Data Configuration
  • HR505Organizational Management


  • HR306Configuration of Time Recording
  • HR580Analytics and Reporting in HCM
  • Attend the detail courses on the SAP HCM application components that you want to make web-enabled

Course based on software release

  • EHP8 FOR ERP 6.0 / NW 7.5


  • Manager Self-Service (MSS) in SAP NetWeaver Business Client
    • Defining Manager Self-Service (MSS)
    • Maintaining Employee Information
  • Manager Self-Service (MSS) Releases
    • Identifying Manager Self-Service (MSS) Releases and Requirements
  • Manager Self-Service Business Packages
    • Outlining the Design of Manager Self-Service (MSS)
    • Outlining New Functions in Manager Self-Service (MSS)
    • Creating Manager Self-Service (MSS) Users
  • Team Viewer
    • Customizing the Object and Data Provider (OADP)
  • Employee Information
    • Modifying Employee Information Pages (iViews)
  • Attendance Overview and Team Calendar
    • Creating Attendances
    • Creating Absence Types
  • Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)
    • Outlining the Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)
    • Customizing the Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)
  • Reports
    • Outlining Reporting Concepts
    • Adding Reports to Manager Self-Service (MSS)
    • Outlining Customizing for Reporting
  • Competency Management and Reminder of Dates
    • Updating Competencies and Requirements
    • Configuring Reminder of Dates