• Recognize and execute the basic processes within SAP for OIL&GAS in various business scenarios. Gain conceptual information and hands-on experience of SAP for OIL &GAS.
  • Understand and maintain the master data used in the basic processes. Recognize and understand the interaction between modules involved in business scenarios.
  • Topic-specific exercises in the SAP for OIL&GAS system give participants the opportunity to gain first-hand practical experience of the Primary & Secondary distribution processes. Participants will also be introduced to the documentation and other useful tools.


  • Members of the project team
  • Consultants



  • TIOG10 Oil and Gas Business Processes and Organization


  • SCM500Business Processes in Procurement
  • SCM600Business Processes in Sales Order Management
  • SCM601Processes in Logistics Execution

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 EhP6, SP1


  • Oil Company Structure and Logistics
  • Physical Oil and Gas Commodity Trading
  • International Export/Import Operations (raw material)
  • Bulk Supply Chain Management (Inbound Distribution)
  • Refinery: silo management, refining, internal movements
  • Primary Distribution/Terminal Management
  • Exchange agreements
  • Import/ Export Operations (finished products)
  • Secondary Distribution (finished products)
  • Service Station Retailing
  • Bulk Supply Chain Reporting and Analytics


  • It is not advisable to attend this course unless you have fulfilled the course prerequisites