• This openSAP course provides you with a solid understanding of this topic and you have the opportunity to earn a record of achievement upon successful completion. If you would like to build on this knowledge and prepare for an SAP Certification, you are advised to follow the recommended SAP Education training.
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  • ABAP application developers / consultants
  • Development architects
  • Anyone interested in ABAP development for SAP HANA



  • None


  • Basic knowledge of ABAP programming and Open SQL
  • Basic programming skills
  • Beneficial: A general understanding of SAP HANA, for example, from the openSAP course “An Introduction to SAP HANA by Dr. Vishal Sikka”


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  • Course Structure:
  • Week 1: Getting Started The first week is dedicated to getting you on board and introducing technical concepts and architecture information, primarily from an ABAP developer’s point of view. As well as the important concepts of ABAP development for SAP HANA, there will be an introduction to the development tools.
  • Week 2: ABAP Coding – Where to Optimize? What happens when you migrate coding to SAP HANA? This and related questions are answered in the second week of this course. There are a large variety of tools available in AS ABAP to detect and analyze ABAP coding, for example, to ensure functional correctness and to analyze performance. You’ll learn about guided performance analysis tools and optimized components like the well-known ABAP List Viewer, which have been enhanced to dramatically improve performance.
  • Week 3: ABAP Coding – Ready, Set, Optimize! Having learned about where to optimize ABAP coding, this week is dedicated to introducing the new features and capabilities of AS ABAP 7.4, with special emphasis on database-oriented programming. Beside the Open SQL enhancements, you’ll learn about advanced view definition capabilities by means of Core Data Services.
  • Week 4: Digging Deeper and Outlook The capabilities of AS ABAP 7.4 discussed in the previous week do not span the full feature set of SAP HANA. Therefore, ABAP for SAP HANA developers might need to dig even deeper and work more natively with SAP HANA. We’ll see how AS ABAP 7.4 supports this task. Finally, we’ll give an example of how the presented features can be used in an analytical app. Beside the Open SQL enhancements, you’ll learn about advanced view definition capabilities by means of Core Data Services.