• Describe SAP Workforce Performance Builder 9.2
  • Plan SAP Workforce Performance Builder 9.2
  • Implement SAP Workforce Performance Builder 9.2


  • Consultants



  • * For your organization to get the maximum value from your SAP solution, your workforce needs the skills and understanding to use it effectively. * SAP Workforce Performance Builder software (SAP WPB) can help you achieve real operational efficiency by giving your SAP communities the help and information they need, precisely when they need it. It can help your organization create, edit, deploy, and track context-sensitive user help, transaction documentation, simulations, test scripts, and rapid e- learning with unmatched power and flexibility. Best of all, you can put it to work almost immediately.


  • Solution Overview
  • Implementation
  • Customizing with WPB
  • Authoring with WPB
  • Collaboration with WPB
  • Electronic Performance Support with WPB