• Perform new product development processes using Recipe Management tools
  • Create and edit specifications, phrases and recipes
  • Use versions and engineering change management to manage recipes


  • Project teams implementing Recipe Management as part of their new product development process.
  • Consultants interested in understanding how Recipe Management can assist companies in their product definition process.



  • Experience with PLM – LDM (Life-cycle Data Management) functions
  • Experience with EH&S Basic Data & Tools

Course based on software release

  • ERP ECC 5.0
  • RECIPE 2.2


  • An overview of PLM and the role of Recipe Management within the PLM and NPDI solutions
  • An overview of EHS basis data and tools and its use with Recipe Management
  • New product development using Recipe Management
  • Recipe creation and editing using basic and advanced functions
  • Management of recipes using versions and ECM
  • Nutritional Data and Diet Suitability
  • Recipe Transformation from Product Development to Production
  • Preview of new Trial Management functionality focusing onthe transition from laboratory product development to full factory production.