• Realize the usage possibilities of the Quality Issue Managements (QIM)
  • Understanding the connection of SAP QIM to existing Systems, e.g. SAP- ERP- systems
  • Using SAP QIM as a central access point for processing and controlling quality issues, even from other systems and applications (e.g. FMEA, audit, quality reports, service reports)


  • People responsible for Issue and Activity-management in their company
  • Members of project teams, people from the departments.



  • Basic knowledge in Issue and Activity Management.
  • PLM400(Quality Management)


  • Knowledge in the processing of Issues and activities in SAP-ERP- systems are an advantage while participating in this course.

Course based on software release

  • SAP Quality Issue Management (SAP QIM) 1.0
  • SAP NetWeaver 7.40
  • SAP ERP Central Component 6.0, Enhancement Package 7


  • Overview over the Quality Issue Management
  • Objects in QIM
    • Issues
    • Activities
    • Catalogues and Codes
    • Partners
  • Processing Issues and Activities in QIM
  • Worklists in QIM
  • Connecting SAP QIM to already existing SAP-ERP-Systems
  • 8D-Processes in SAP QIM
  • Reporting in QIM
  • Customizing and Adaptation in QIM