Course announcements

  • This course introduces you to SAP Plant Connectivity (PCo). Along with providing an overview of the product, this course enables you to use the basic scope of functions provided by PCo. The course is also intended to give an overview of the role of PCo in manufacturing integration, automation, and M2M scenarios. It will prepare you to gain a conceptual understanding of the features, functions, and options of PCo, so that you can successfully implement PCo in a company.
  • The course contains detailed information about the following topics:
  • Positioning of PCo in different business automation scenarios
  • How to set up basic communication scenarios between data sources and SAP business systems
  • Overview of customer extensions
  • General rules of how to operate PCo


  • This course will prepare you to:
  • Explain the features and use cases for SAP PCo
  • Define the business processes of SAP PCo
  • Connect to data sources
  • Connect to destination systems
  • Configure and run PCo agents in order to achieve reliable data connections
  • Explain how PCo can act as a universal data connector between different communication protocols and data formats
  • Explain the technical requirements of PCo
  • Understand how PCo can be extended by customers to support custom business processes
  • Understand the best practices for operating PCo


  • Developer
  • Industry Specialist



  • Basic knowledge of or experience with Microsoft Windows


Course based on software release

  • SAP Plant Connectivity 15.2


  • SAP Plant Connectivity Positioning
  • Describing SAP Plant Connectivity Use Cases and Positioning
  • SAP PCo Architecture and Configuration Elements
  • Describing SAP PCo
  • Setting up an SAP MII Query Server
  • Source Systems
  • Defining Source Systems
  • Agent Instances
  • Employing Agent Instances
  • Destination Systems
  • Maintaining Destination Systems
  • Notifications
  • Keeping Track of Events with Notifications
  • Multiple Call Destination Systems
  • Describing Multiple Call Destination Systems
  • Query Destination Systems
  • Reading and Writing Tag Values with Query Destination Systems
  • PCo as an OPC UA and Web Server
  • Using PCo as an OPC UA and Web Server
  • Advanced Concepts
  • Describing Customer Extensions, Configuration Elements, and Remote Management
  • Help Sources
  • Accessing PCo Help
  • Appendix
  • Accessing the Opc.Ua.SampleClient