• gain an in-depth understanding of the customizing and usage of the different planning scenarios for service parts like: forecasting, inventory planning; distribution requirements planning (DRP) and deployment and inventory balancing.


  • Consultants
  • Project Team Members



  • none


  • SCM200(Advanced Planning Overview (SCM))
  • SCM210(Core Interface APO)
  • BW310(SAP BI – Data Warehousing)

Course based on software release

  • SAP ECC 6.0, SAP SCM 7.01, SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0


  • SAP SPP overview and system landscape
  • Master data: Bill of Distribution, Region Pattern, and Inventory Balancing Areas
  • Rounding profiles and package specification
  • Planning profiles, service profiles and planning service Manager
  • BI dataflow for Capture-Demand
  • Stocking and Destocking, Decision Replenishment Indicator and exclusion tables
  • Forecast profiles and automated model selection, Tripping and tracking, Approve the forecast, Phase-in forecasting
  • EOQ and safety stock planning
  • DRP planning run, DRP Horizons, Lead time settings, Stability Rules, Supplier Shutdown, Product Group Procurement, Consolidated Ordering, Seasonal Safety Stock shift
  • Scheduling in DRP
  • Retrieve information from the DRP matrix
  • Procurement planning
  • Supply Network Collaboration (SAP SNC)
  • Deployment Priority Tiers and sequencing rules, Expedited shipments, Stock transfer approval
  • Perform inventory balancing
  • ECC Order fulfillment with GATP
  • Supersession
  • Use the Alert Monitor