• Plan PI Landscapes
  • Configure PI Systems
  • Administer PI Systems
  • Troubleshoot Message Processing in SAP NetWeaver PI
  • Operate a NetWeaver PI System


  • Technical Project Managers
  • Project Team Members, assigned to Integration Topics
  • Technology Consultants
  • Technology Architects
  • System Architecture Managers who are responsible for Integration Issues
  • Anyone who is interested in the technical Implementation and Operation of PI
  • Customers who want to implement Integration Processes
  • Administrators
  • Support Consultants
  • Super User / Key Power User



  • Good Knowledge of SAP NetWeaver
  • Basic Knowledge of SAP Systems and Architecture
  • Completion ofTBIT40/BIT400
  • Completion ofTBIT50
  • Basic Knowledge of XML and associated Technologies


  • SAPTECFundamentals of SAP Web AS
  • ADM100
  • ADM800
  • Basic knowledge of integration technologies
  • Solid foundation in Web services and Service Oriented Archiectures, Web Standards and SOA Middleware


  • SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) Landscape Planning
  • Installation and Post-Installation of SAP NetWeaver PI
  • Operation of Integration Engine (IE)
  • Operation of Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AAE)
  • Operation of PI Orchestration Package
  • Operation of SOA
  • Monitor SAP NetWeaver PI
  • Troubleshoot SAP NetWeaver PI