• This course give you an in-depth insight into BW integrated planning


  • Solution consultants responsible for implementing SAP NetWeaver BW



  • For new SAP BW consultants:
  • TBW10BW – Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • TBW20 BW – Reporting & Query Design
  • TBW41 BW – Extraction with UDI & XI and APD
  • TBW42 BW – Advanced Enterprise Data Warehousing & Reporting

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.0


  • Status and tracking system
  • Setting up planning structures and looking at modelling aspects
  • Customizing and executing planning functions
  • Setting up a planning query that is ready for input using the BEx Query Designe
  • Integrating the planning query in different end-user interfaces
  • Displaying different query tools in a planning context
  • Using characteristic relationships to integrate the correct business characteri
  • Integrating the status and tracking system in planning, as a monitoring tool
  • Certification examination for SAP NetWeaver BW Solution