• The SAP TM Solution Architect Training is providing technical insight on SAP TM
  • A more detailed overview of the flow of information and data, decision points and an architectural overview on extensibility and overall understanding of user interface capabilities with the floor plan manager.
  • It will guide you to the right points for consistent and powerful extensibility of your overall solution scenario in order to allow faster and more efficient innovation with SAP TM, especially considering business suite scenario and process integration


  • This course is intended for Supply Chain Execution Architects / Solution Architects, TM technical consultants and technology consultants who want an overview to the architecture and an introduction to the technical aspects of SAP Transportation Management.



  • General (functional) understanding of the TM business documents and processes


  • TM100SAP TM Processes
  • SAPTMr (introduction to Transportation Management)
  • BIT400SAP Exchange Infrastructure / Process Integration

Course based on software release

  • SAP TM 9.1


  • SAP TM Architecture Overview
  • Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF)
  • Floor Plan Manager (FPM)
  • Floor Plan Manager BOPF Integration (FBI)
  • Further Enhancement Options: Print Forms, Queries, Personal Object Work Lists (POWLs), Conditions, Process Controller, Business AddIns (BAdIs)
  • TM Enterprise Services