• The course prepares you to support the SAP TM implementations by enhancing the standard software to specific business needs of the customer.
  • You will get a broad understanding and extensive hands-on practice of technical and enhancement aspects in SAP TM.


  • This course is intended for TM technology consultants, technical architects, and project team members responsible for the technical aspects of Transportation Management who wish to indoctrinate themselves to the new technology driving SAP TM.



  • general knowledge of the SAP TM architecture and enhancement concepts
  • Participants should have knowledge of ABAP and ABAP objects
  • Basic understanding of Transportation Management Business Model


  • TM100SAP TM Processes or understanding of TM Business Model
  • SCM210CIF Overview or SC210r (recording)

Course based on software release

  • SAP TM 9.1


  • Discuss the SAP TM Architecture
  • Create and adjust Business Objects using Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF) as it pertains to TM
  • Understand user interface capabilities with the floor plan manager as it applies to TM
  • Build UI screens using Business Objects in Floor Plan Manager (FPM) in TM
  • Power Lists – Create and adjust work lists in TM (POWL)
  • Use different tools & techniques to extend Business Logic; use BOPF Enhancements Workbench; use ABAP language implicit enhancements
  • Interact with Process control framework and strategies to adjust process step sequence and add additional, customer specific steps to support TM business strategies
  • Create Conditions and decision points to influence business strategies in TM
  • Extending OTR/DTR webservice