• This course will provide you with the knowledge on the products and processes applicable for both Loans and Deposit Management (SAP Banking Services 8.0). This knowledge is required to enable you to contribute to a Loans and/or Deposit Management implementation project. It will help you in understanding the main characteristics of the different functionalities as it will also help you understanding how the information flows, what master data is required and how to configure the different functionalities in SAP Banking Services.


  • Solution Architect Core Banking
  • Solution Consultant Deposits Management
  • Solution Consultant Loans Management
  • Business Process Expert
  • Data Management Consultant
  • Industry Business/Analyst



  • Fundamental Banking Knowledge
  • SAP129


Course based on software release

  • Banking Services 8.0
  • Bank Analyzer 8.0
  • PI


  • Integration of Deposit Management and Loans Management on banking services to other components
  • SAP Business Partner for Financial Services
  • Describing business partner concept
  • Creating and maintaining business partners
  • Defining and configuring the organizational structure
  • Contract Management: Describing basic features of customer contracts
  • Product Configurator
  • Business Operations
  • Designing order management
  • Configuring and executing orders
  • Item Management
  • Describing payment transaction orders
  • Describing payment items
  • Describing basic functionality of information items, non-balance- changing turn over items and pre-notes
  • Describing balances and key figures functionality
  • Describing integration with payment transfer system
  • Understanding the SOA concept in Banking
  • Financial Conditions and Pricing
  • The condition model
  • Characteristics of conditions
  • Creating conditions
  • Pricing concepts
  • Settlement
  • Defining and executing standard settlement
  • Describing various settlement processes
  • Defining Posting Lock Management
  • Posting Control
  • Defining Posting Control Rules
  • Define posting control office
  • Master Contract Management Concept
  • Bank Statements
  • Describing basic features of single bank statements
  • Defining combined statement characteristics
  • Integration with Accounting