• Acquire an overview of the Bank Analyzer Accounting for Financial Instruments (AFI) solution offering
  • Be able to implement, change and enhance the Bank Analyzer AFI
  • Be able to decide on different Bank Analyzer AFI set up options
  • Get knowledge of the process coverage: Accounting and Financial Close process for Banking with strong focus on AFI


  • Implementation Project leads
  • Implementation Project team members
  • Bank accountants
  • Consultants
  • Super users
  • Business architects
  • Systems architects
  • Developers



  • SAP01SAP Overview
  • FS250Bank Analyzer Overview
  • Basic knowledge of accounting


  • Banking Industry basic knowledge
  • Bank Accounting basic knowledge
  • Banking Industry IT basic knowledge
  • ASA380 ASAP 7.1 Implementation Methodology in Details
  • SMI210 Solution Manager Implementation Methodology Overview
  • SMI310 Implementation Projects with SAP Solution Manager

Course based on software release

  • Bank Analyzer 8.0 (BW Integrated)
  • International Banking 8.0


  • Finance Management with Bank Analyzer overview
  • Processing business transactions and events
  • Processing driven by information needs: keydate valuation
  • Forex processing
  • Processing of Non-performing positions
  • Source data Aggregation
  • Supplying the G/L with AFI postings
  • Period end processing with Balance processing and Aggregated transactions