Course announcements

  • This course is designed to give participants the opportunity to gain the overall understanding and hands on experience of SAP Fiori Elements in their development efforts to create more robust and visually appealing SAP Fiori applications with less effort than freestyle Fiori development. The course will cover SAP’s User Experience design methodology and the overall SAP Fiori Elements design principles, templates and tools for building SAP Fiori apps.


  • This course will prepare you to:
  • Explain the SAP User Experience strategy and guidelines
  • Describe SAP Fiori Elements and its architecture
  • Explain OData Annotation
  • Learn to use Annotation Editor in SAP Web IDE
  • Write annotations for an OData Service
  • Explain the Smart Control and how the Smart Control works with OData Annotation
  • Work with Fiori Elements to support the creation of simple to advanced SAP Fiori reporting apps
  • Explore the fundamentals of List Report, Object Page, Overview Page, Analytic List Page, and advanced usages of List Report and Object Page


  • Developer
  • Development Consultant
  • Application Consultant
  • Solution Architect
  • User Experience Designer




Course based on software release

  • SAP Fiori 2.0 & SAP S/4HANA 1709


  • SAP UX Strategy
  • Describe SAP User Experience Strategy
  • Explain SAP User Experience Tools and Technologies
  • Describe SAP User Experience Use Case for Building Fiori-like Apps
  • SAP Fiori Elements, Overview
  • Explain the concept of Fiori Elements
  • Explain the concept of annotations of OData services
  • Explain the Concept of Smart Control
  • Explain Templates for Fiori Elements
  • Explore the Development Environment
  • Explore the basic process of building Fiori Elements Application
  • Use the CDS View and SADL
  • Use SADL
  • Explain Metadata Extension
  • Learn about Scenarios of Fiori Elements Implementation
  • List Report
  • Explain Basic Annotations for List Report
  • Use Searching and Filtering data
  • Provide the value help
  • Explain Variant Management
  • Object Page
  • Use Basic Annotations for Object Page
  • Use Header Facets for Object Page
  • Use Sections and Facets in Object Pages
  • Advanced Topics of List Report and Object Page
  • Explain the navigation concept and annotations
  • Describe options of external navigation
  • Use data visualization
  • Create charts
  • Perform CURD operations with BOPF
  • Overview Page
  • Get an overview of the Overview Page (OVP)
  • Analytic List View
  • Get an overview of the Analytical List Page