SAP SAPUI5 and Fiori Application Development | SAP TRAINING COURSES

SAPUI5 (UI Development Toolkit for HTML5) is a JavaScript UI library from SAP used to build responsive HTML5-based apps. The core of SAPUI5 manages many aspects of modern web app development behind the scenes. A variety of diverse UI controls are also included, ranging from basic elements to complex UX patterns, ready to be used to style your app. The SAP SAPUI5 integrated learning journey includes a dedicated SAP Learning Hub User Experience Learning Room for its subscribers, openSAP free-of-charge introductory courses for gaining introductory level knowledge and finally SAP Education advanced training and certification specifically addressing the latest openUI5 and SAPUI5 frameworks, standards and guidelines. The learning Journey takes developers through a comprehensive enablement path that is designed with SAP Fiori UX in mind, but can also be used for any UX design and development concept. OpenUI5, the open source version of SAPUI5 for example, is available on GitHub and encompasses the complete core plus the main UI controls of SAPUI5.


Not only will you be exploring the frameworks and JavaScript toolkits provided, but also the architecture and components necessary to build an application, such as SAP HANA Cloud Platform, HCPms, and SAP Web IDE, our IDE tool to that enables you to create a web based or mobile based UI design quickly and efficiently.  Our SAPUI5 developer focused learning journey  teaches you SAP Web IDE- many features such as app templates and wizards, code completion, WYSIWYG editors, API reference support, app preview for any screen size, Git integration and mock data, with the added benefit of having a fully implemented SAP S4HANA backend system during your hands-on exercises.